Tutorial Step 1: Opening Screen

Note: These instructions apply only to the iPad app. Using MCMC Robot app on an iPhone or iPod Touch is very similar, but these instructions do not work at all for the older Windows version.

Opening screen in landscape left orientationWhen MCMC Robot starts up for the first time, it displays a black field with no hills. You will want to create at least one hill, but first let’s take a tour of the interface that you will use to control the MCMC Robot as it walks the landscape.

The following buttons can be found in either the navigation bar (top) or toolbar (bottom):

Edit button iconThis button (left side, navigation bar) puts the app in edit mode. In edit mode, hills can be defined, moved or deleted. You will not be allowed to instruct the robot to take steps while in edit mode.

If you see this button (left side, navigation bar), then the app is currently in edit mode. Pressing this button will return the app to normal (non-edit) mode.

Info button iconThis button (right side, navigation bar) provides information about the app (including a link to this web site) and a table of configuration definitions (with the ability to add more or delete existing configurations). A “configuration” is a complete collection of settings and hill definitions.

This “gear” button (far left, tool bar), when pressed, causes a table of settings to pop up. The settings are those for the current configuration only. To dismiss the settings pop-over, just tap anywhere outside the pop-over window.

Stats button iconThe stats button (2nd. button from left, tool bar), when pressed, causes an alert box to pop up showing summary statistics such as the number of steps the robot has taken, the number of steps that were inside one of the inner hill contours, and the number of steps taken inside one of the outer hill contours.

Trash button iconThe trash button (3rd. button from right, tool bar) deletes a hill that has been selected from the current configutation. This button is grayed out except when a hill is selected (which is done by tapping on the hill in edit mode).

Reset button iconThe rewind button (2nd. button from right, tool bar) deletes all steps taken by the robot since it was last pressed.

Play button iconThe play button (far right, tool bar) causes the robot to go on a foray. The number of steps taken per foray is a setting that can be changed.

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