Project Meetings

New York Botanical Garden (November, 2010)

Our first group meeting was hosted by Ken Karol at the New York Botanical Garden November 19-21, 2010. Attending were (left-to-right in photo below) Paul Lewis, Chuck Delwiche, Juan Lopez-Bautista. John Hall, Louise Lewis, Rick McCourt, Ken Karol, Robin Sleith, and Nic Tippery. The purpose of this first organizational meeting was to set an agenda for the first year, discuss data collection and management, and outreach opportunities.

PSA Seattle (17 July 2011)

The second group meeting was held in the Pompeii Room, McMahon Hall, on the campus of the University of Washington, Seattle, the day after the Phycological Society of America meetings. This was the first meeting attended by members of our advisory board (Russell Chapman, Linda Graham, Rose Ann Cattolico, James Leebens-Mack, and Alison Sherwood attended). Photo is in front of Ivar’s Salmon House, Seattle. From left to right: Ken Karol, James Leebens-Mack, Paul Lewis, William Perez, Juan López-Bautista, Rick McCourt, Louise Lewis, Hilary McManus (holding Julien), Alison Sherwood, Russell Chapman, Linda Graham, Lilly Hancock, John Hall, and Rose Ann Cattolico. Not pictured but attending the meeting: Karolina Fučíková.

Philadelphia (April 7, 2012)

The third group meeting was held April 7, 2012, at the Philadelphia Academy of Science. Left to right: Ted Gibbons (Univ. Maryland), Endymion Cooper (Univ. Maryland), Karolina Fučíková (Univ. Connecticut), Louise Lewis (Univ. Connecticut), Rick McCourt (Philadephia Acad. Science, Drexel Univ.), John Hall ((Philadephia Acad. Science), Paul Lewis (Univ. Connecticut), Justin Cocco (Drexel Univ.), Ken Karol (New York Botanical Garden). Also attending, but not pictured, was Jillian Adair (Drexel Univ.).

New York Botanical Garden Chloroplast Genomics Working Group (December 1, 2012)

Four team members from the University of Connecticut (Louise Lewis, Paul Lewis, Karolina Fučíková, and Molly Letsch) visited the lab of Ken Karol at NYBG. Ken provided insights into the steps needed for processing of chloroplast genomic data that resulted from a recent MiSeq run at UConn.

Philadelphia (March 16, 2013)

Annual GrAToL meeting in Philadelphia in March 2013The 2013 annual all-hands meeting was held March 16 at the Philadelphia Academy of Science. Left to right: John Hall, Ken Karol, Hilary McManus, Louise Lewis, Chuck Delwiche, Karolina Fučíková, Juan Lopez-Bautista, Endymion Cooper, Rick McCourt, and Paul Lewis.